Sunday, 11 June 2017

Yupo Paper with Alcohol Inks

Have you tried working with Yupo?  Yupo is a synthetic paper that is suitable for many techniques.  Artists can blend and merge colours without them going muddy.  The paper is also 100% recyclable and waterproof.  It will not tear, wipes clean and holds alcohol inks particularly well and this is how I have used it in these pieces of artwork below.

I used stencils with a few of these samples.  I placed the stencil over the paper and then dripped the alcohol inks through the gaps in the stencil.  If you try this yourself, don't worry when the ink runs under the stencil.  Just allow it to settle and dry before removing the stencil.  As you can see it doesn't affect the overall affect of the stencil as the ink seems to collect and dry where you want it.  I had some gold alcohol ink in my crafty stash and I think it looks good on this first example.  In fact it is looking very Moroccan to me.

This next one also was created with the use of a stencil.  The inks almost look glass like.

I used a stencil by Clarity Stamps to make this piece of artwork. Then some Card-io clear stamps of people were used in the areas where the bubbles are.

Again, here is another piece of artwork using a stencil.  I particularly liked the way the centre area came out like clouds.  I over stamped with a white ink pad, pansies, leaves and a sentiment for added interest.

This is the last one I made with the aid of a stencil.  I thought it was looking quite dark and would be difficult to stamp over so I added drops of pearl white ink to break up the pattern that was created with the stencil.  This then gave me the opportunity to use my stamps in these areas.

This next one is my husband's favourite as he likes the Banksy stamp I used.  Before the ink had time to dry I lay another sheet of Yupo over the top and must have twisted it to have got this affect.  It made a great little aperture for this stamp to fit inside.

I liked the background I created here on these next two ones but found I had used the wrong ink when I stamped over it.  It is important to use one that will dry on coated papers!   The stamps are the Carabelle Studio stamps which would have looked great.

I plan to cut this one in half and find another use for the top half.  The lower half has been stamped but only in white ink and it is a bit tricky to see the images so I may go over this in a silver ink.

Again, I tried to make an interesting background I could stamp over and used my Card-io stamps to create a fair ground scene.  The black looked a little severe so I over stamped it in white to cast a shadow.

This one turned out very different in style to the others.  

Another go at stencilling using my favourite hues of blue and turquoise.

I made bigger droplets of colour here.  The colours can be dropped over one another without going muddy and I love the affect.  I stamped with my Carabelle Studio stamps on this and the next card.

The colours are truly gorgeous aren't they.  I had so much fun experimenting with alcohol inks and Yupo paper and made some great backgrounds to add to my crafty stash.

Carry on crafting....... 

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