Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pom Pom Flower Rug

I think most of us can remember childhood days spent making pom poms.  Only then they took a while to make because you had to create your own cardboard template first and then push the wool through and around the cardboard.  I certainly remember it taking a while to achieve a pretty ball known to us all as a "pom pom". 

2014 showed a revival of this craft due to the creation of the pom pom maker.  The pom pom maker is available in different sizes and shapes.   The picture below is the Pom Pom Maker by Clover and come in 4 sizes.   

These pom pom makers are very easy to use.  They open out and you wrap the wool around one pair of halves then close them up and do the same on the other side.  You push both halves together then cut across the top.  Yarn is then used to secure the pom pom.

My revival of this craft started when my nephew asked for a pom pom maker for Christmas.  I thought it would be nice to give him some inspiration with his gift so I started looking for inspiration.  I gradually built up some ideas and saved them as pins on Pinterest.  

I made him a spider which was fun to do. but I didn't stop there.

Next I wanted to make a rug for our cat.  The idea came to me to make flowers out of my pom poms so I did exactly that.

This craft project took a month to complete.  Each pom pom takes about 5mins to make. The size I used for the pom poms was 45mm (the yellow one). 

ANTI-SLIP STOP RUG UNDERLAY CARPET GRIPPER MATTING WOODEN FLOORING 100CM x 150CMI used about 9 balls of DK wool which I purchased at £1.39 a ball.  Once I had made enough pom poms I attached to them to anti slip stop rug underlay available from ebay.  If you keep your ties long on each pom pom you can feed them through the holes and neatly secure them to the back of the underlay.

I discovered there are lots of things you can make with pom poms.  I have a collection of ideas on my pin board in Pinterest.  I like the idea of making robins and hedgehogs and then selling these are craft fairs.  Children are always looking for little items they can purchase and i think these would be popular. 

If you are a member of Pinterest I invite you to look at my ideas I have been collecting.

Thank you for stopping by.

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