Sunday, 23 April 2017

Crochet Teddy Bears

Say hello to my crocheted bears I have recently made.  The patterns are designed by Kristi Tullis and are available to purchase on Etsy on the following link.

This first bear is a classic amigurumi teddy bear. It took a little more work due to having moving joints but it is nice that they move and this is why the bear can stand up unsupported.  I used plastic doll joints available on Ebay which enable the joints to move.  

My little bear took me two days to crochet, but I am sure the next time I follow this particular pattern, I will be more confident and I should be able to make it in less time.

And here is my newest crochet bear.  As you can see I have made a little girl this time.  I used a 2.75 crochet hook for the 4ply yarn which made up the hoodie.  It crocheted well with this size hook.  The white yard was a double knit so I went down to a size 1.9 hook. The joints came out a little smaller so instead of using the plastic doll joints I switched to trying the button technique.  It was much more fiddly to do and to get a tight enough joint so the limbs were not floppy.  I would like to try this pattern again sticking to 4ply all round.

Here is a picture of the hoodie from the side.  The hair accessory was my own creation.

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