Saturday, 21 March 2015

Decorating MDF Chicken, Sheep and Bunnies

Well I promised more home decor and it didn't take me long to deliver did it!

This week my project has been all about decorating mdf animals and I can tell you it has been great fun.  My favourite by far are the chickens but I love my bunny too.

I have made one or two of these as Easter gifts so I am very eggcited about this.  The wooden shapes were very reasonably purchased from Inky Doodles and I have used by Woodcraft Marker sets and some distress inks to paint and decorate them.    They bells are a neat way of creating feet for the chickens.   

and now for some sheep!  Now I am looking at their photos I think I will add some ribbon to this black and white one, to gift it more of a lift.

When I did the feet on this first one I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to finish them off.  Tying a knot made the legs splay out and I didn't much care for that so on the second sheep I tried something different.  I folded the twine in half and pushed it through the purpose made hole and then threaded the ends back through the loop I had created.  This not only solved the problem but I preferred the look.  I also glued the pairs of feet together and that stops them turning around.  

and on to my bunny.  I have made two of these.  I liked the idea of faux stitching so I copied this but came up with my own idea for the necklace using some plastic beads from the Hobby House.  The paint is a matt chalk paint from Cosmic Shimmer.

A big thanks to Sarah from Inky Doodles for inspiring me to get creative.  It has been good fun and now I am off to add more ribbon to my sheep.

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